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Andi is a highly accomplished dog both in and out of the ring! He works as my service dog, in addition to showing in conformation, dabbling in performance, and working as a demo dog in training. I got Andi when I was a junior and in 4-H and have trained and handled him throughout his career. He has a wonderful temperament - social with other dogs and people but cares most about his person, a fantastic off-switch at home and ability to settle out and about. 
He also helps out on our small farm keeping livestock in line and watching over young or injured animals as his humans care for them. He is not a big barker and extremely easy to live with, and handles new experiences confidently and calmly.

As a show dog, he has had tremendous success! He is a multiple group winner and group placer both in regular and NOHS groups. He has won multiple Best Owner Handled in Show and Reserved Best Owner Handled in Show. He is the number one owner handled Icelandic Sheepdog of all time, and ended 2021 as the number three Icelandic Sheepdog in breed and all breed with an invite to Westminster. He accomplished this at seven years old - as a "veteran," he is in his prime and a great testament to the longevity of this breed. Andi was select dog at Westminster in 2021 and 2016, and Award of Merit in 2022, select dog at the ISAA National Specialty in 2019 and Best Opposite/Best Owner Handled at the Ohio regional specialty in 2021. In 2023 Andi was awarded Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club!

Andi is OFA Hips Fair

OFA Elbows Normal

Eyes: Normal 

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